Social Responsibility

Actemium España is committed to the community where it resides, not only through its internal staff, employees and direct collaborators, but also through its clients, suppliers, the community, public authorities and all citizens in general, as they are the final recipients of the activity developed by Actemium for its different clients.

This responsibility is clearly evidenced in the undertakings of Actemium España in terms of quality, safety, occupational health, and the environment.


The ISO 9001 certification ensures the capacity of Actemium España to consistently provide services that meet the clients’ requirements and any applicable rules. This standard reveals our process-based approach to the management system and encourages the company towards continuous improvement.

The EN 9100 certification provides a specific focus for the companies in the Aeronautics by adding additional requirements to the ISO 9001 standard, thus increasing the quality, reliability and safety of aerospace products. In this way, Actemium España manages to be included in a worldwide database of suppliers in this sector.


Health and Safety at Work

The basic principle and one of the major goals of Actemium España is to comply and make its employees comply with law 31/1995, of 8th November, on labor risk prevention, promoting the safety and health of workers by applying measures and conducting any necessary activities, such as information, consultation, balanced participation and workers’ training in the field of prevention.

Additionally, Actemium intends to extend its commitment to occupational safety and health to all of its suppliers and clients. For this purpose, an audit was conducted in 2013 on the company’s labor risk management system as per OHSAS 18001:2007standard, obtaining the certification from the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) by early 2014.



Actemium España has a clear commitment of respect to the environment, and so it takes the goal of reducing and preventing environmental impact in the contracts signed and in the projects developed by the company.

For this purpose, it provides training and education on responsible work to company staff, with the aim of learning the requirements and controlling the environmental impact of our activities.

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